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  • Tax  & Financial Funding Services
AF&TS offers a broad-base of tax preparations and financial funding services to assist a variety of business owners - profit / non-profit requirements, full-time / part-time employees / students or independent contractorsPlease contact us for questions on our products, promotions and custom packaged options.
Tax Preparations (e-File):       
  • 1040 EZ form           (includes state filing)
  • Head of Household
  • Business Filing      (fees based on business structure)
   (990, 1099, 3921, 5498, 5013-c, W2, W2-g and more!)
Prior Year(s) Tax Amendments:  $75.00 and up 
               (fees based on amended tax type)
*Certified Translator Services - $30.00, per hour
Financial Funding Options:
Grant Writing / Loan Program Assistance
  • Grant writing and loans:one time non-refundable fee  -  $50.00 (per contract)
  • Sliding Scale - applicable fees
Fees are assessed for targeting funding opportunities via comprehensive databases and other sources. All fees are assessed to all clients, per contract (grants and loans). Upon the delivered reward, AF&TS may shift these costs as equitable.
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*We look forward to completing your tax (e-file) preparations and financial funding requests. Call or send an email, to schedule a consultation.
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