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Tax Preparations!

IT'S Never Too Late -

To File Tax Returns.

All Students - discounts with student ID
  • 1040 EZ form (includes state filing)
  • Single / Married Filing Joint / Qualified Widower
  • Married Filing Separately 
  • Head of Household
  • Business Filing (fees based on business structure)
  • Tax Schedules: A - J; R; SE; and 1-3; 8812
  • (990, 1099, 3921, 5498, 501C-3, W2, W2-g and more!)
  • Current Year - Extensions: $85.00 and up
  • Prior Year(s) Tax Amendments: $105.00 and up 
  •  (fees based on amended tax preparation/document support types)

Convenient Tax Services: complete a Contact Us - form, or call about our online services.

 *All tax preparation fees must be PAID in FULL - prior to any taxes E-filed/and or Emailed.

   Once payment is received, taxes will then be E-filed; and Email or Mailed to each client. 

Convenient Payment Options:
              - using invoiced/online payment portal

                                         or CASH

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